Monday, October 3, 2005

Dogs of War

For the past two weeks, we have been dog-sitting for our next-door neighbour. Dozer has made himself at home. He is male, and therefore insists on usurping the resident Bella from her throne at Chez Camp. Not much we can do about it, unless we leave him next door - in which case he howls and howls.

So he eats all the food before Bella gets there. This includes holding kibble in his mouth, transporting it to other locations in the house, and then proceeding to drop the kibbles wherever he pleases. If you go to the bathroom and flush the toilet, he rushes in after to drink from the fresh, cold porcelain water decanter. If you shut the lid, he just sticks his head under it. Either way, the next visitor gets a wet seat. Lastly, he's been digging in our back yard and tracking the mud everywhere when he comes in. Gr.


Bella is getting a bit sick of him because he's cramping her style. Usually I can take her for off-leash ball-hucking before work. I can't let Dozer off-leash since he takes off and refuses to come back. So poor Bella just gets lame walks around the block. Poor little whiney doggy.

Dozer stealing Bella's favourite spot by the Window Posted by Picasa

Bella hiding from Dozer (and keeping my feet warm) as I work from home Posted by Picasa


  1. Doggie Queen!
    I think you should take a pic of your tiny frame being pulled around the block by Bella n Dozer. That would be quite a sight! I think Dozer is appropriately named.

    Missed your instructor talents as the sub put me off - the music was wonky and I'm sure everything was off beat. I couldn't even commiserate with Lisa. Yucky.

    Hope the dust gets dusted and the heat kicks in soon! Keep that tiny tummy warm. :)


  2. ah, my poor girl has to go stay with her cousin when I'm out of town. I think she must hide from the rambunctious pup, perhaps under my sister's feet.

    they're both very cute!