Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Baby meets World

A few weeks back, Jason and I went for our 18-week ultrasound. Talk about amazing, we had no idea what a treat we were in for! Usually you see people's pictures and you think that they simply walked in, snap snap snap, and the pics were done. Not at all!

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While taking measurements of the four chambers of the heart, the kidneys and stomach, the femur, foot and humerus, the technician explained to us how they also measure the skinfold at the back of the neck in utero to use as a marker for Down's Syndrome. She also did close-ups of the lips and nose to make sure there was no cleft palate in the wee monkey. We found out the baby measured 15cm around the head (even saw the cerebellum and brain hemispheres) and 14cm around the chest. The spine and ribcage was a thing of beauty, all systems normal.

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Jason and I had both agreed that if anything negative were to come of a result of my bloodwork or the ultrasound, that we would not terminate the pregnancy. I am so glad that we came to that agreement so easily, I can imagine how horrible it would be if a couple did not see eye to eye on the issue. Especially considering how many false positives there are for screening tests for Down's and Spina Bifida, so much stress and emotional upheaval. It almost caused me to not want the screening done in the first place, but Jason and I both agreed that we would want to be prepared.

Luckily, we have been blessed with a healthy baby as far as we know. It was a huge relief to see the monkey moving about, opening and closing it's mouth and hands. And the sex? Well, we didn't plan on asking. Jason didn't want to know and I wouldn't be able to keep it a secret if I found out! But once we got in there, Jason said, "We can't see anything! Does that mean it's a girl???" To which the technician answered, "At this point, we can't really say for certain."

So I still think it's a boy and Jason is convinced it's a girl. Good thing we have names picked out for both!

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As of today, I am in the middle of my 20th week, halfway through! 15lbs, 2 cup sizes and a wealth of new-found back and hip issues, but feeling pretty damn lucky.

Monday, November 28, 2005

No Rest for the Wicked

This last weekend passed by in a blur. Both mornings, Jason and I awoke to the ever-present call of renovations. This weekend, our friend Jeff's wife was out of town with their newborn. Lucky for us, he's an experienced renovator, construction dude and all around nice guy with an extensive electrical knowledge. He offered up his services and we couldn't refuse!

Our neighbour Neil also joined the fray to battle the evils lurking within the walls of our downstairs. We ripped out shoddy aluminum wiring, separated the downstairs and upstairs circuits, and reran new copper wiring, installing new services up to the new electrical codes.

Coming from a family of plumbers, I know how valuable good tradespeople are... after this weekend I have a whole new respect. I also learned a lot in the process. Being the only pregnant lady on the job, I learned all the codes for planning circuits, stapling wires, running lines, wiring the different box types and tying pigtails. By the pain in my lower back, I think I probably shouldn't have spent so much time on the ladder, or bending down. But it's hard not to caught up in things when there's so much going on!

I also fed the workforce - hungry men make for full lunch tables!

I think we have one more day of wiring left before we need to get the inspectors in. Hopefully getting our new 100A service to the house and the fuse box installed will be a go.

In the meantime, we had our first real frost this morning and there is NO insulation in the outside walls downstairs. I can feel the gas bill quadrupling as I type this. We have to wait for an inspection before we can insulate though, silly rules.

So if anyone is looking for something to do in the next little while, please visit! We can offer yummy lunch, dinner and beer in exchange for your services!!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Did you know?

My uterus is the size of a canteloupe right now.

A canteloupe!!!

Very cool, but SO WEIRD.

A canteloupe on my bladder.

A canteloupe preventing me from buttoning my jeans.

A canteloupe holding a 5oz, 5.5" monkey.

A canteloupe that contracts into a rock-hard lump when the monkey is turning somersaults.

Pregnancy is just plain crazy.

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Today can definitely be categorized as one of those days they write about in the pregnancy books...

you know, the one that starts at 3am, where you wake up crying because you had a nasty but painfully realistic dream that your husband died doing electrical work during your renovations and you have to explain to his dog and his unborn child that he's gone forever...

and then after tossing and turning for hours after, you wake up looking like hell, then complain about the baby causing acne on your back and pain in your hips, about how you only have one pair of maternity pants that fit and that you can't do up the button on any others...

and then during your dog walk you realize how awful you must sound to your husband, and that somehow every woman who cannot get pregnant knows what you are thinking and then you start crying because you are so lucky and you should be enjoying and rejoicing in each and every aspect of pregnancy be it carpal tunnel or hemorroids (which I don't have yet, BTW)...

then you get to work (late - from the crying) and you talk to your co-worker whose mom just passed away, and she talks about how things seem so unreal because she was just playing Scrabble with her mom only days ago, and then you start crying with her in her office because it is so horrible, and then your director walks in....

and then you write an email to your husband telling him you forgot to give him a phone message last night, but then you realize that you are a horrible wife because you also forgot to buy bread, ask him about his midterm, complain if his armpits aren't fresh enough or if his breath smells like meat (don't ask) and then start crying in your cubicle...

and then you blog about it and realize how truly pathetic you sound!!!!

And now before I go buy a sandwich for lunch (remember, I forgot to buy bread?) I need to visit the bathroom because one of my co-workers just visited my desk and basically ran away. I think my bright red nose and bloodshot eyes are a bit scary!


Just back from the caf. I saw a man wearing leather pants going into one of the offices... since when do engineers wear leather pants???

Monday, November 7, 2005

Naked Bellybutton

For the first time in almost 10 years, I have a naked bellybutton! Last night, after an hour of contemplating my navel, I decided it was time to remove the ring that was swimming in the tea cup that has become my bellybutton.

It's so weird to think about where I was when I pierced my navel. Second-year university, keeping up with my big sister, wearing midriff-baring tops out to the cheesy bars, dancing on speakers, fueled by vodka and cranberry.

So weird how times change. It doesn't seem like that long ago. I remember the haze of a bad hangover from margaritas at Carlos n' Buds, followed by a night at LuvAffair.

This Saturday I spent the day wedding-dress shopping with my girlfriend Jen. This bride-to-be was one of my favorite partners in crime. When we lived together, she would put cold cloths on my forehead to tame a nasty hangover headache, and then run to Macdonald's to get us an Egg McMuffin meal just before the breakfast deadline. It's no surprise that she makes such a great nurse! We used to come home after the bar and eat natchos while watching our newly-taped episodes of Sex and the City. We used to throw martini soirées, dress up for Disco Night at the Commodore, and invite our girlfriends over for sex toy parties. We used to wash our cars outside our apartment in Kits, always talking about starting a business called "Clean Cars, Dirty Girls"...

Now we talk about mortgage rates, maternity leave and snow tires.

Don't get me wrong, I love my life. I love my husband, our dog and the little baby that's growing increasingly larger inside me each day. I love the security and stability Jason and I both feel in our relationship, even when things aren't so secure or stable outside our relationship. And I feel fortunate that I am loved by others as much as I love them.

But it's weird how removing a little piece of jewellery can feel like the end of an era, even though that era has been over for quite some time.

I feel so grown up.