Monday, November 7, 2005

Naked Bellybutton

For the first time in almost 10 years, I have a naked bellybutton! Last night, after an hour of contemplating my navel, I decided it was time to remove the ring that was swimming in the tea cup that has become my bellybutton.

It's so weird to think about where I was when I pierced my navel. Second-year university, keeping up with my big sister, wearing midriff-baring tops out to the cheesy bars, dancing on speakers, fueled by vodka and cranberry.

So weird how times change. It doesn't seem like that long ago. I remember the haze of a bad hangover from margaritas at Carlos n' Buds, followed by a night at LuvAffair.

This Saturday I spent the day wedding-dress shopping with my girlfriend Jen. This bride-to-be was one of my favorite partners in crime. When we lived together, she would put cold cloths on my forehead to tame a nasty hangover headache, and then run to Macdonald's to get us an Egg McMuffin meal just before the breakfast deadline. It's no surprise that she makes such a great nurse! We used to come home after the bar and eat natchos while watching our newly-taped episodes of Sex and the City. We used to throw martini soirées, dress up for Disco Night at the Commodore, and invite our girlfriends over for sex toy parties. We used to wash our cars outside our apartment in Kits, always talking about starting a business called "Clean Cars, Dirty Girls"...

Now we talk about mortgage rates, maternity leave and snow tires.

Don't get me wrong, I love my life. I love my husband, our dog and the little baby that's growing increasingly larger inside me each day. I love the security and stability Jason and I both feel in our relationship, even when things aren't so secure or stable outside our relationship. And I feel fortunate that I am loved by others as much as I love them.

But it's weird how removing a little piece of jewellery can feel like the end of an era, even though that era has been over for quite some time.

I feel so grown up.


  1. Hmm...did you take the ring out on your own or did you go somewhere to have it done? And if you took it out on your own, how did you do it? (I've been wanting to get rid of mine for a couple of years but can't figure out how to get the thing out).

  2. Mine was a barbell, so I just unscrewed the top ball. If you have the pinched D-ring, then you should go get it out at a store (free) since they have the proper pliers to pry it open without scratching the ring. Takes 2 minutes.

    If you try it yourself and accidentally scratch the ring, it will hurt like a b*tch to pull it through!

    You will have a little hole left overtop of your bellybutton though. I wonder how long they take to grow over?

  3. Callie,
    I could have written this exact post 2 years ago, only changing the people and places.
    I still have the tiny hole above my bellybutton- my party girl scar.