Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Home Birth!!!

Today I received a call from my prenatal class instructor, Nikiah, to tell us a little story about another couple from the class who were due this past Monday.

Kori and her hubby Steve, who had planned their delivery at the hospital with their doctor. They were ready, the bags were packed and waiting by the door. BUT THEN, a few days early, Kori goes into labour at home and after only 4 hours, with nobody there to help them, her husband delivers the baby and cuts the cord!

9lbs of little girl, all are healthy!

I thought that only happened on TV!

Needless to say, I think Jason will be stocking up on towels and reading up on delivering babies...

Monday, February 20, 2006

February Fiasco!

February has been a wickedly busy month... getting this business off the ground, selling the condo, prenatal classes, renovations... crazy stuff.

We've officially sold the condo, subjects are off and we have a completion date of March 8. The day it was listed internally with our realtor Ken at ReMax, we had an offer. We countered at our list price and they took it. A few days later we had two competing back-up offers at the list price! It was nuts. It leads me to believe that we could have gotten a bit more if we were willing to hang on for a while, but Jason has a saying, "Save a little for the next guy..." I tend to agree and am glad to get the house finances sorted before I go into labour!

Business is going well, except that I'm finding it really hard to find instructors! Luckily I have a few I can use in the Spring until I am able to teach... my class roster is growing - I'm now at 5 community centers! It's very exciting to get rave reviews from people currently taking classes in East Van, I hope that the trend continues!

Prenatal classes are over and although some aspects of the Seeds of Birth classes were a bit airy-fairy for my taste, I have to admit that I learned a lot. Every class we had to squeeze ice cubes in our hands while experimenting with different pain coping and relaxation methods. Pretty hard when your hand is on fire with cold! The last class had us in "contractions", both hands in and out of frigid ice water again and again. The searing pain would almost abate before we had to redunk. By the end, I was seriously doubting whether I would make it through labour, but at the same time it forced me to confront my fears. I bawled openly in front of the class, but I did feel better at the end!

This past Saturday, Jason and I held a walk/run event from our house to commemorate his late wife, and also to raise money for the BC Cancer Foundation. We planned to sell shirts and were amazed when 66 shirts were ordered! The number kept growing and I think we had about 80 people at the house! Two women we didn't even know showed up with almost $800 in pledges - we didn't even ask people to get pledges!!! All together we pulled in over $2000 in donations. It was amazing, so much help from family and friends. The weather was gorgeous and my in-laws helped make sure there were enough pancakes, waffles, fruit and hot bevvies for everyone there. I will have to post pictures when I get them... Nunuboo was there snapping shots for us!

I hope everyone's February has been eventful and successful as mine!

Monday, February 6, 2006

Kegels in Cantonese

Omigod! Who knew working could be FUN??

Is this what other people who LIKE their jobs feel like on a daily basis?

Why didn't somebody tell me about this feeling???

I can't believe I've been missing out on this for so long! I'll be making the teeniest tiniest fraction of the amount of money that I make engineering, and yet I'm more excited about this new business venture than I've ever been about any of my past jobs.

I know that there will be days that suck. I know that when one of my contractors calls in sick and I can't find a sub that I'll have to strap on my Snugli and teach with my baby strapped on the front of me! I know that there will be heartache and stress and annoyance when program co-ordinators don't love my proposals, or don't have any room left. I know all those things.

But it's still exciting!

Today, myself and a few fellow Fit 4 Two'ers met up on the seawall to go over class ideas and marketing strategies. We power-walked our empty strollers and chattered excitedly as we squatted and lunged our way towards benches for tricep dips and V-sits.

A few of us were pregnant, a few are already moms. But we were all on the same wavelength... suddenly I have gone from an all-male to an all-female workplace and the change is drastic and interesting. I know that there will be ups and downs, but I don't have to feign interest in high-tech mumbo-jumbo anymore and it feels great!

So far I have booked sessions for Spring 2006 at three community centers. I even have talks schedules to promote postnatal fitness at two community health units!


I'm giving TALKS!

I was even asked to do a talk for 30-40 Cantonese-speaking moms, which I would be given an interpreter to use!

How do you say "Kegels" in Cantonese???

I haven't agreed to that one yet, it's a bit intimidating, but I'll get there eventually!

I love getting into the administrative and promotional side of health & wellness. It's a whole new ballgame.