Monday, February 6, 2006

Kegels in Cantonese

Omigod! Who knew working could be FUN??

Is this what other people who LIKE their jobs feel like on a daily basis?

Why didn't somebody tell me about this feeling???

I can't believe I've been missing out on this for so long! I'll be making the teeniest tiniest fraction of the amount of money that I make engineering, and yet I'm more excited about this new business venture than I've ever been about any of my past jobs.

I know that there will be days that suck. I know that when one of my contractors calls in sick and I can't find a sub that I'll have to strap on my Snugli and teach with my baby strapped on the front of me! I know that there will be heartache and stress and annoyance when program co-ordinators don't love my proposals, or don't have any room left. I know all those things.

But it's still exciting!

Today, myself and a few fellow Fit 4 Two'ers met up on the seawall to go over class ideas and marketing strategies. We power-walked our empty strollers and chattered excitedly as we squatted and lunged our way towards benches for tricep dips and V-sits.

A few of us were pregnant, a few are already moms. But we were all on the same wavelength... suddenly I have gone from an all-male to an all-female workplace and the change is drastic and interesting. I know that there will be ups and downs, but I don't have to feign interest in high-tech mumbo-jumbo anymore and it feels great!

So far I have booked sessions for Spring 2006 at three community centers. I even have talks schedules to promote postnatal fitness at two community health units!


I'm giving TALKS!

I was even asked to do a talk for 30-40 Cantonese-speaking moms, which I would be given an interpreter to use!

How do you say "Kegels" in Cantonese???

I haven't agreed to that one yet, it's a bit intimidating, but I'll get there eventually!

I love getting into the administrative and promotional side of health & wellness. It's a whole new ballgame.

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