Thursday, November 17, 2005


Today can definitely be categorized as one of those days they write about in the pregnancy books...

you know, the one that starts at 3am, where you wake up crying because you had a nasty but painfully realistic dream that your husband died doing electrical work during your renovations and you have to explain to his dog and his unborn child that he's gone forever...

and then after tossing and turning for hours after, you wake up looking like hell, then complain about the baby causing acne on your back and pain in your hips, about how you only have one pair of maternity pants that fit and that you can't do up the button on any others...

and then during your dog walk you realize how awful you must sound to your husband, and that somehow every woman who cannot get pregnant knows what you are thinking and then you start crying because you are so lucky and you should be enjoying and rejoicing in each and every aspect of pregnancy be it carpal tunnel or hemorroids (which I don't have yet, BTW)...

then you get to work (late - from the crying) and you talk to your co-worker whose mom just passed away, and she talks about how things seem so unreal because she was just playing Scrabble with her mom only days ago, and then you start crying with her in her office because it is so horrible, and then your director walks in....

and then you write an email to your husband telling him you forgot to give him a phone message last night, but then you realize that you are a horrible wife because you also forgot to buy bread, ask him about his midterm, complain if his armpits aren't fresh enough or if his breath smells like meat (don't ask) and then start crying in your cubicle...

and then you blog about it and realize how truly pathetic you sound!!!!

And now before I go buy a sandwich for lunch (remember, I forgot to buy bread?) I need to visit the bathroom because one of my co-workers just visited my desk and basically ran away. I think my bright red nose and bloodshot eyes are a bit scary!


Just back from the caf. I saw a man wearing leather pants going into one of the offices... since when do engineers wear leather pants???


  1. I have those "guilt" days (- most of the tears) all the time. Don't feel bad it just means that you are another overanalytical engineer...and female so you don't leave the analysis at work ;-)

    NO ONE wears leather pants never mind engineers...I hope he wasn't fat ;-)

  2. Uhhhh kiddo....

    For the next few months (and for a while thereafter) you have a "get out of feeling bad free card". You're carrying the man's child. You are doing "ALL" of the work. You are the one going through the massive body reorganization.

    So, when you think that maybe you should feel bad for not buying bread....stop, take a breath, and realize that his life is a breeze compared to yours. No one parked a bowling ball on his bladder, or removed his waist. And really, he should be buying the damned bread...

  3. I don't mind buying the bread once in a while. I get head rubs and foot rubs and dinner made and mostly just spoiled otherwise! In that sense, I can't really complain!

    It just seems like every task I try undertaking lately becomes a casualty of my "pregnancy brain"... meaning I miss a major detail or screw it up in some other big way. Who gets through the grocery store and buys the deli meat but forgets the bread????

  4. Hey Chica,

    gkarlsen get's major points for the post above! Way to go dude.

    I believe your hubby only sees the most gorgeous, fab and stunning pregnant lady ever carrying his baby every time he looks at you or cuddles with you and your baby filled belly. So there!

    Being spoiled is J's way of caring for you both. Give into it, get used to it and I know you'll find ways to give it back. I'm sure you already do!

    Maybe the pants were pleather. Does it sound more like an engineer now? Or look at it this way, maybe his wife's pregnant and forgot to buy laundry soap. ;-)

  5. I'm pretty sure engineers should NEVER wear leather pants!
    and good thing I'm not pregnant, can't even imagine what I'd forget then!