Tuesday, October 18, 2005

One Way Conversation

Since the wedding, Jason and I have been super busy - honeymoon, Ironman, renovations, pregnancy... In the meantime, I've been struggling to keep in touch with all of my friends, people that I would usually have a once-a-week talk with, a coffee or dinner with, even if it was only an email back and forth.

But life is what happens when you're making plans, and things just seem to get in the way. Over the past few days, I've managed to reconnect with a few of my girlfriends and it feels like I'm doing all the asking... finding out what's new, what's happening, who's hot and who's not...

Why are they so silent? Because they all read my blog!!!! They already know what's going on from my end!


So I'm making a rule for AJ, LS, JC, JVDZ, CC and JF... if you read this, you must COMMENT and tell me what's going on with you! That way we can get the one-way third degree out of the way and get straight to the juicy stuff!

In other news, the downstairs is almost completely demolished and the upstairs is coated in a fine layer of dust. Shades of grey. But things are happening quickly now and Jason has assured my worried pregnant self that NO, we're not crazy for doing this and YES, we should be finished in time for the arrival of baby Camp.

Did I mention we found Stucco underneath the Gyproc? Posted by Picasa

And the wiring downstairs is aluminum, which needs to be changed to copper... MORE WORK! Posted by Picasa

We've also decided on a few possible names for our monkey but are refraining from telling anyone. It's driving my sister-in-law crazy! Good fun! (and no, one of them is NOT Wyatt Earp!)

My girlfriend Jen is getting married and has asked me to be one of her bridesmaids - she gave a killer speech at my wedding and I'm hoping to do just as well... better start now!

And lastly, the pain through my hand I was feeling last week has dissipated and I'm able to work comfortably. I have to be super careful with teaching yoga and spin though, and also with doing work downstairs.


  1. You're on to me... I have been reading your blog and assuming we had a conversation. My bad! I'll call.

  2. glad your hand/wrist is better! and what's wrong with Wyatt Earp? supposedly I'm related somehow... perhaps that explains a few things.

  3. Do you have any idea how long it'll take me to make an outline and write and edit even just two or three drafts every time I make a comment to you? Which is what I would do. This is why I don't blog, LTG. Invite me for coffee. We live five blocks apart for god's sake! Better yet, come over for coffee while you still can get out of the house.

  4. Funny! LS, I look forward to seeing you today - I have even forgone a much-needed morning latte so we will have something to dish over. CC, I'll try and work from home more often ;) Either that or a Foundation visit would be nice...

  5. Same as Lisa...use l'il tri girl as an exuse not to work :-)

    The floors in our bedroom are finally being finished after the wiring fiasco...then the roof leakes so we have a huge fan going...Jason fixed the roof and the wall will dry ok, but now I have to paint. The guy comes this weekend to start ripping apart my bathroom....can't wait till Christmas when all of the renovations will be done!! yay

    Little miss em is her sweet little self...learned to say "bum" from her grandma! and she points to it when she says it

  6. Hi Chica,

    Just returned from a nice celebration at Aqua Riva. Do let me know how the act of kindness goes. ;-) Good things happen all the time -- I'll fill you in on what's new with me soon.

    Be well and I hope to be splashing with you next week.