Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Three-Ring Circus

Why did I think that working up to Friday wouldn't be such a big deal?

For the entire week, my work phone has been ringing off the hook. Last minute dress alterations, hair appointments, band meetings, family pow-wows... you name it! Whatever happened to our small simple wedding in the back yard?

So I've decided to take tomorrow and Friday off. Normally I wouldn't feel so guilty about the company paying me to organize my social affairs, but the number of phonecalls and interruptions is really quite astounding. Maybe all the honesty and goodness bestowed upon my future hubby is rubbing off on me?

My sister and mom are coming in tomorrow morning - I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to meet my new little niece! Karen and I have been talking a lot, almost every day now, and it's so weird to hear her talking to Ashley when I still haven't met her! So that is exciting. Then there's the pedicure party tomorrow night and the endless cooking on Friday... so many things to do. Pick up my dress. Get my ring buffed. Get the flowers. Pick up the keg. Chill the wine. The list is crazy.

I'm planning a hotel "care package" for the two of us... lox and bagels with cream cheese for breakfast, grapes and strawberries, maybe mimosas... we're staying at an apartment-hotel on the seawall, so we can have a lush breakfast in bed, then go for a stroll in the morning before we face the hubbub of friends and relatives before they leave town.

It occurred to me. I wonder how many people actually have sex on their wedding nights? Wouldn't you be completely bagged?

Just a thought.

Next week we are planning to go surfing on the Oregon Coast for a week of honeymooning. There is a killer surf spot outside of Cannon Beach called Oswald West - I've camped there twice now and have been so happy. We're taking the dog and our bikes to the walk-in site, then we can do day-trips from there with her, along the gorgeous coastline. So relaxing!

Exciting times! The next time you hear from me, I'll be Mrs. Camp!


  1. Callie Camp suits you well.
    I'm so happy for both you and Jason.


  2. Blessings Chiquita!!!

  3. Congratulations!
    Relax, and enjoy your day!