Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Here's the scoop.

Jason and I have no "song". A while back, we were sitting in the truck trying to decide what to use for our "first dance" and Jason says (in his best Gene Simmons impersonation) "LIIIIIICK IT UP!"... not a minute later, the song actually came on the radio!

If that isn't a sign, what is?

Not a chance (even though I know the words).

So we decided to use a David Gray song that we both like. Sitting in the truck, we often belt out the lyrics together... or at least what we thought were the lyrics. You see, in this day and age, who looks at CD covers anymore?

What I thought was

"This here's lovin', it'll laaaaaaaaaaaast..."

is actually

"This year's love had better laaaaaaaaaaaast..."

Hmmm, maybe not the best first dance song? But we really like it!

Do you think anyone will notice? The guy has an accent, you can barely tell...


  1. don't think anyone will know. I love that song and didn't know those were the real lyrics, either...

  2. I confess that I knew those lyrics... but then I'm weird. Pretty much anything by David Gray sounds beautiful but is lyrically bleak. I imagine you could get it past most wedding guests.

    Otherwise, how about some Quiet Riot or Twisted Sister? (ha ha)

  3. I think you should go for it. Personally, if I had to pick a David Gray song, I'd pick the first one off his White Ladders CD (can't remember what it's called but the lyrics go...."it's like lightning through my veins every time I look at you." God. How romantic. Why don't men say stuff like this in real life?)

  4. Well, I posted the wedding playlist at my site. If you need any music from it, I can make any of it available... just get in touch (and be sure to pay SOCAN royalties like we did).

    As for The Song, well, it's a toss up. You don't really strike me as someone that would always be waiting for the curse lurking around the corner due to sketchy lyrics in your wedding song... but then again there's plenty of love songs out there that are pretty good.

    There's a lot of crappy love sap at this site (as well as "easy-to-understand romantic poems"). You might be able to find a Diamond in among the Dion and Twain.