Friday, August 5, 2005


I'm ashamed of what I've become.

The clock is ticking and I'm getting married in two weeks. TWO WEEKS!!! There is still so much to do, and very little time to do it in. I don't even have time to blog!

Staying focussed at work is a joke.

My boss: Um, Hi Callie... did you manage to get that switch working at the double data rate?

Me: Hmm, no. [phone ringing in background - hairstylist] I've been trying to get in touch with the vendor, but he seems to be MIA. [email from stepmother-in-law pops into Inbox]

My boss: Do you think you might have something by the end of today?

Me: Well, I have to leave a little early [even though I came in late, and am leaving to go to a spa] so maybe tomorrow morning...

[phone starts ringing again - liquor store with my missing wine order]

Me: Um, do you mind if I get that? [sheepish grin]

The sad truth is that I work with mostly men, and while this might be a bit of a hasty generalization, I doubt that any of them ever had to go for hair consultations or eyebrow shapings before their big day! Well, at least not in their day, they are all over 40. I think the man-spa craze is pretty recent!

Jason and I have planned a good portion of the wedding together and are mostly enjoying ourselves. Not only that, but we're very appreciative of the help we're getting from Jason's sister Andrea (Best Woman and pseudo-MC) and Melina, Jason's step-mom (aka Wedding Planner Goddess)...

But when 2 cases of your wine is missing, your seamstress is holding your dress hostage, you haven't finished your vows, you have no "song", your mother is virtually impossible to get a hold of...

And the etiquette? Don't even get me started. With divorced in-laws, how do you get a set of family photos or say a thank-you speech without hurting someone's feelings or violating some unwritten rule? I stick my foot in my mouth at the best of times, this will be a true test!!!

I guess all I can do is concentrate on not falling down the stairs that make up my "aisle". Just in case though, I'm going to get some nice panties so that I still look nice with my crinoline over my head.


  1. Hi Chica,
    For a bit of comic relief check out
    BTW the road to bridezillahood is rarely 'driven' - enjoy the ride!!! :)

  2. Callie-

    remember, the little things don't matter, it's the getting to spend the rest of your life with the one you love that does.

    the little things will fall into place, and if they don't, no one will notice!

    (enlist your friends' help! they're happy to do it!)