Monday, March 14, 2005

Light at the End of the Tunnel!

EUROPE BABY! Booked flights today to get Jason and I to Frankfurt in May... spending three weeks on our bikes touring and camping through Germany, Austria, Czech Rep, ??? Hopefully we might make it to Budapest. SO FUN! Got a great deal on airfare too!

Full-time work is so much more fun when you have something like a big trip to look forward to! You can spend all that time in meetings, thinking about your travels rather than the drab and mundane world of real-time systems. Okay, maybe it's only drab and mundane to me. I really need a change!

On that note, I was talking to a 4th year physiotherapy student from UBC doing a practicum placement with my physiotherapist. Apparently you only have to do one placement outside of Vancouver, rather than all 7. So maybe doing my Masters in Physio is still worth pursuing?

On the knee injury front, things are looking up... sorta. I went for my second physio appointment and my knee is feeling a lot better. Well, until I spend half the day walking/bending/hurrying for buses. It's funny how going for a 25k road ride out on the windy flats around Iona Beach yesterday felt really good, but then grocery shopping afterwards felt like crap!

To my surprise, my physio didn't tell me that I have to stop running. In fact, I'm allowed to run for a whopping 20 MINUTES at a time, and only if I do run/walk intervals of 2 minutes. That's a far cry from the half-marathon portion of the 1/2 Ironman in June! But, baby steps. I will honour my body and try not to push it. I can still bike and swim.

Right now my feet are taped too, looks like I might need orthotics. It feels like my lil' feet are trapped in sausage casings! Also, my physio gave me some good quad exercises to do as rehab, plus some correction stuff. This may be more effective at building quad strength than simply telling my quads to "think BIG thoughts".

Sadly, I've had to stop teaching my learn-to-run clinic and have left my running newbies in the hands of a co-worker. That sucks! I really wanted to follow through on that, but I guess it was not meant to be.

Anyhoooo, off to think TRAVEL thoughts during my next design meeting...

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