Wednesday, March 9, 2005


I'm broken. I'm hobbled, limping, lopsided and slow. Did I mention grouchy? Yeah, I'm also a tad grouchy. I'm not very good at being injured.

I like to go fast - biking, running, rollerblading... I have a need for speed! Swimming is the only exception, but that is because I would swallow half the pool if I tried to go as fast as I want!

Much to my chagrin, my injury has come as a result of helping others attain a bit of speed. I have been teaching a learn-to-run clinic through the hilly Burnaby terrain for the past 4 weeks. According to my physiotherapist, running at a slower pace than I would normally (and possibly shorter stride) for extended periods has done quite a number on the meniscus of my left knee.

This is the first time in my life that someone has told me that I shouldn't slow down! A little part of me is rejoicing! Unfortunately it means I might have to give up teaching the clinic, which I have taken quite a lot of joy from. You have no idea how gratifying it is to cheer someone on through their first 10 minutes of running with no breaks, or their first 10km distance. Such a positive and fulfilling experience.

Aside from the sharp, stabbing pain sent up from the side of my knee if I try to bear any weight on it, I now have a sore right side from compensating. So basically I am supposed to sit on my butt like a bump on a log for DAYS.

I'm sure to be a tightly-coiled spring by the end of this hiatus. I feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with me this weekend, and send apologies in advance. Surely there are other people like me out there that rely on exercise as a stress reliever and general unwinder...


  1. Oh, I feel your pain. I have had a bizarre injury to my left IT band for 3 months, and I have been doing barely any running (jog/limping) for 2 months because of it. The frustration is the worst part of it!

  2. Just in from my physio... I'm allowed to run 20 minutes a couple of times this week - 2 mins running/2 mins walking. That's a long cry from a half marathon in June!!!!