Wednesday, March 2, 2005


I'm beginning to have my doubts about my training schedule, and the mayhem it's creating with my full-time job and my LIFE in general!

Monday - teach spinning 5:00pm

Tuesday - teach running clinic 12:00pm, masters swim 6:30pm

Wednesday - teach step 6:30am

Thursday - teach running clinic 12:00pm, masters swim 6:30pm

Friday - pilates and weights

Saturday - long bike ride 9:00am

Sunday - long run 8:30am

I've been holding up this training for a while, but still need to do more bike work according to most half-Iron training schedules. I don't know where to fit it in! I feel like I can't eat or sleep enough! ARG!

How do normal people do this? I had no problem training for sprint and Olympic distance triathlons. How do other people make the jump and still have a life?

I'm frustrated and tired today, and it's only February. My plan was to do one year of sprints (2002-2003), one year of Olympic (2003-2004), a few years of half-Iron (2004-2006) so that in the year I turn 30, I will do a full Ironman. I don't want to put the kibosh on my plan!

This is supposed to be fun.


  1. Cheer up!

    You are doing great! You are strong and have great endurance. Tomorrow, you could go do a 1/2 ironman. The swim would be no problem, the bike would be fine - just a little slow, and while the run would be painful you would do it and probably do it in under 2:20:00. Think where you were last year at this time!

    You are strong, sexy, intelligent, compassionate, and one hell of a cook!

    Chin up, sunshine!


  2. I think you answered your question with "How do normal people do this?"

    The answer? Normal people don't do that! Only extraordinarily focused and driven people do. Since I'm neither focused nor driven, I will comment no further on your training schedule - except to say "My word: that is impressive."

  3. Callie,

    Looking at your schedule, I'm shocked to see you don't have a single day off!! Why don't you double up your workouts or cut something out and take a full day off exercise? You might find that will help your state of mind.

    I take Fridays off and it's really helped in terms of less burnout and recovery. Please take a day off girl!