Monday, March 21, 2005

Feel like Pythons, look like Pipe Cleaners

My arms.

They hurt.

I decided on Saturday to see if Andrea, Jason's sister, would like to join me on my Sunday training bike ride. Sunday morning looked dismal and Andrea asked instead if I wanted to join her at "the Club" for a workout. Jason's dad and Andrea both belong to the Arbutus Club in Vancouver, quite posh! So I jumped at the chance, just to see what the big hub-bub is about.

Well the towel service, the skating and curling rinks, the weight room... fairly impressive. I have to say though that my own little YWCA downtown is a lot newer, with better cardio equipment and class selection. No restaurant though, no tennis courts either. I guess that's what $1500 a year will get you. Ouch!

Anyhow Andrea is a former forest fire fighter. She's 165lbs of muscle that can kick my ass from here 'till Sunday. That being said, I tend to get a little competitive in the gym which is why I usually work out by my lonesome. Damned Type A. If you saw me, you'd know why this is ridiculous. I'm 100lbs soaking wet. Pretty intimidating! We did a bunch of bike work together, and then hit the weights for some upper body. What was I thinking?

I woke up this morning wondering whose arms had been attached to my body. My pecs are so sore that when I walk down stairs, the weight of my boobs pulling down on the muscles hurts! And don't get me started on getting in and out of my backpack. Yowser.

On the plus side, my knee is on the mend! My physio is working out really well and I've been a very good little patient... doing the endless squats and icing and bending myself into all the weird contortions I've been taught. Hopefully I will be zipping about next week! Good thing I don't need my arms for that though, it might be that long before I can lift them!

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