Wednesday, September 21, 2005


For days I've wanted to blog about my husband's phenomenal performance in his Ironman race over the past weekend. I've wanted to paint my nails, go for a swim, respond to my tag from Tamara and finish the freaking thankyou cards to our wedding guests (as it's been a month and they are WAY overdue!!!)

But I can't. I have no time. I'm exhausted. I teach after work, then get home just in time to shovel some food down my throat and go to bed.

I need sleep like I've never needed sleep before and it's eluding me. I wake up four times to pee, my stomach gurgles at 3am for a banana with such regularity that I fear I might be giving birth to a monkey. I crawl into bed at 9:30pm and can barely drag myself out at 7:37am.

Right now we are taking care of our next-door neighbour's 105lb Rottweiler. Bella's boyfriend, Dozer. He is aptly named. When I have food, he is there. When I'm trying to get into a cupboard, he's in the way. He drools, he drinks loudly from the toilet. He makes a mess of the food dish when he eats, so that at on my 3am banana-run to the kitchen, I step on dog food kibbles in my bare feet and have to stifle a loud swearing episode. When he paces the hardwood floors at night, I can hear his claws click-clacking along until he finally settles heavily to the floor and lets out a huge sigh. He repeats this over and over again. His owner allows him to sleep in the bed with him, and I am sorely tempted to do the same just to get some shuteye.

Last night we closed the door to our room, which I felt horrible about. This was at 2am when I entered into a brief crying fit because I couldn't sleep. Poor Jason rubbed my back sleepily, my having woken him from restful slumber.

Don't get me wrong. Dozer is a sweetheart. A meathead, yes, but a sweetie. But Bella is so dainty and quiet and slobber-free and I've become so accustomed to her ladylike dog behaviour.

I feel like crawling underneath my desk right now and taking a nap.


  1. Chin up, Sexy Butt!

    We will figure something out. Maybe your idea of socks for Dozer's feet is a good one!


  2. Chin up is right!
    The worst dog sitting experience I had was looking after my uncle's puppy (not a baby but young enough) last Christmas. My cousin had been looking after the dog for a few days before I got there. He knows nothing about dogs. During his watch he fed the puppy 3/4 of a big bag of dog treats in order to get the dog to do what he wanted; go into his cage, come in and out of the house & to be quiet even. Well after I arrived I soon learned that high protein doggy treats give dogs the shits. On my watch that puppy shat all over the house and then had the runs for days. I was constantly doing laundry and spraying air freshener. On top of that the dog cried throughout the night and woke me up every few hours. I'm so very glad I didn't have to work at the time.

    Hope that Dozer's homesickness subsides and he stops pacing so you can get some sleep soon.


  3. Poor Luna, at least you had help Jordan. Oh, wait, no I didn't help. ha ha
    You did a great job though.
    Callie you would let a 105 lb dog sleep in the bed with you? ha ha Bella would be so jealous.
    Please write about Jason's IM experience. You must be talking about Grand Columbian. I heard the bike is hilly right from the start.

  4. You offered to help with the laundry and cleaning up poop but I adamantly said no. ;) You did play with, walk and give tlc to a poopy dehydrated hyperactive disobedient puppy which was great. I was pretty pathetic in that deptartment, tired of constantly cleaning up after Luna's exploding rear-end.

    Chica, Ironman highlights when you can. Happy zzzzzzzzzs.


  5. Iron story is on Jason's website, (link from my page) but I will give you the cheerleader's perspective! And more pictures, I love pictures...