Saturday, September 3, 2005

Amazingly Talented Friends

I don't mean to brag, but I can't help it! Jason and I are extremely lucky to have an amazingly talented set of friends. For our wedding, we decided against registering for gifts, instead asking for people to showcase their talents by making us something, or for little donations to our House Reno Fund (a.k.a. make room for baby!!!). We appreciated all of the thoughtfulness and generosity that went into our gifts, everything far exceeded any expectations we had had. And the talent behind the handmade gifts! Lo and behold...

Lisa, photographer extraordinaire, has astonished us with her photography talents once again! She emailed me at work this week with the webpage she had put together of our wedding proofs. I didn't get a lick of work done all day! I will post a few of my absolute favorites, but that is not to say there aren't a ton more! BTW, if anyone in the Vancouver area is looking for a fantastic set of wedding photographers, Lisa and Hollie are fab! (These thumbnails are low-res and watermarked...)

Jason and I Posted by Picasa

Ashley getting kisses from me and sis Posted by Picasa

Another of Jason and I Posted by Picasa

Kisses on the Railroad Tracks Posted by Picasa

Glenn, Lisa, Jenn and Jason V. are putting together our wedding album as a gift (as if we needed more!) and I can't wait to see it! I can almost picture Glenn and Jason V. cutting out ribbons and paper to paste into the book... tee hee! So excited!

And did I tell you about the cake? When planning the wedding, Melina (my new step-mom-in-law) asked me what kind of cake I wanted. I said something simple... she came up with a scrumptious blackberry-lemon cake, stacked 3 tiers high with sugar-paste flowers to match my dress! OMG! Her daughter Mieka and two of her friends helped serve appies and clean up during the reception, and a family friend Norma Jean also gifted us with her kitchen expertise to make sure things ran smoothly. Between these women and JJ, the night went off without a hitch!

The cake! Posted by Picasa

Greg, one of Jason's family friends from waaaaaaaaay back is a judge. He wrote and performed our ceremony as a gift to us. Such beautiful words he chose. Jason and I had notions of writing our vows but after hearing his, we decided against it. He did a marvelous job!

Judge Greg adds humour! Posted by Picasa

The night of the wedding, one of my oldest and dearest friends Amanda presented us (quite tearfully!) with the wall hanging she had made us. It's our Triathlon quilt, complete with a picture of us finishing the Half Iron together. SO FAB!

Swim Bike Run Wall Hanging Posted by Picasa

Our friend Paige gave us some great wines along with a copy of her recently published book (she is a prof at UBC). The inscription read something like "I didn't know what to get you, so I though I'd make something." Very cool.

The day after the wedding, we arrived home to find these planters along the front steps, along with a bench put together for our deck by my brother Jason and his fiancée Kristi. A week later, Andrea and our next door neighbor Neil assembled this great teak table and umbrella set!

Pretty Planters Posted by Picasa

Patio Furniture and bench Posted by Picasa

And finally, last night we went to May & Darren's house for a potluck get-together... when we got there, they gave us these gifts out of the blue. May had done some paper work of a picture of our house, styled after Gustav Klimt. Darren, unbeknownst to us as a rock carver, made us this African Love Knot out of soapstone! Beautiful!

Chez Camp a la Klimt Posted by Picasa

African Love Knot Posted by Picasa

I have to say something about the speeches that night. Asking people to get up and speak is always a tough one, especially for the shy it can be soooo hard! But the night of our wedding we had the fortune of hearing 5 different speeches, all beautiful, inspired and touching beyond words. Andrea, Karen, Jen, Doug, and Kris all helped to fill the night with thoughts of love, friendship, trust, loyalty and of course, humour!

Andrea gave me a glowing review in her "Toast to the Bride" Posted by Picasa

Karen regaled us with antics of my childhood in her "Welcome to the Groom" Posted by Picasa

Jen talked about our car wash idea, "Clean Cars, Dirty Girls"! Posted by Picasa

Doug's speech about Jason's childhood adventures... Posted by Picasa

Kris & Steph. Kris raved about my Superman husband Posted by Picasa

Even Valerie (with younger sis Carmen) got up to tell a joke... Beach Weenies! Posted by Picasa


  1. You have wonderful friends..Wishing you and Jason a fantastic life. It was nice to have read your blog. Will visit again :)

  2. Callie those are amazing photos. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Happy to hear you got to share your big day with your many talented friends. thanks for sharing the amazing pictures!