Friday, September 23, 2005

The Monkey in my Belly

Jason and I went for our very first ultrasound yesterday and both of us agreed that we had never seen anything cooler! Seeing the baby's heart beating was not only amazing, it was also very reassuring to see that our little monkey (or MING-KEE! according to Jason) is OK.

The ultrasound technician was great, pointing out the yolk sac, umbilical cord (which we think is really our monkey's tail) and my ovaries. She even showed Jason how my near-to-bursting bladder was filling even more as she pressed down on it (&#$^%#!!!) The baby even moved around - I knew that it was trampolining off my bladder!

Frontal, our little monkey - see the tail? Posted by Picasa

Side - monkey with balloon (or yolk sac, one of the two) Posted by Picasa

Afterwards I wandered around Kits inside all the baby stores. It felt alot like when I went wedding dress shopping. I quickly realized that I have NO IDEA what I'm doing and that I would either need to be showing more, or have a squalling infant in a stroller in order to get any attention! But there is lots of time for all of that.

Right now I'm content with the knowledge that the little monkey in my belly is developing normally and growing strong with a heart rate of 163 BPM.

I've been getting bugged about not sending out any belly shots yet, so I took one this morning in front of the mirror!

Belly this AM Posted by Picasa



  2. You look fantastic!! I am so sorry I didn't get to talk to you at Jay's party but it was so great to see you and think hey!! There's lil tri girl and her hubby! What a great way to sort of meet and sort of not meet people. Would love to chat with you next time. Hope you had fun...what did you think about the performance?? I might blog about it later this week...