Monday, March 6, 2006

Too much information...

Guys, you may want to skip this one.


This morning I tried the unthinkable. I tried to have a DIY "beauty day", which normally means painting my fingernails and toes, doing my eyebrows and waxing my bikini line.

To many women, the thought of a bikini wax makes them recoil in horror. The thought of performing one themselves is utterly unfathomable. But it's never bothered me before. No biggie, I can take it.

Or at least I could before my belly got so large. So large that I need to hold it to one side in order to SEE my bikini line. And certainly before every nerve ending in my nether regions doubled in sensitivity.

Nope, that blood flow increase certainly didn't do me any favours this morning.

Normally you hold your skin taut with one hand, while pulling with the other in the opposite direction. But with the belly, one hand was a little tied up. So I tried pulling without holding the skin taut. YEEE-OWCH!!! I could hear my hubby asking worriedly from the other room if I was alright.

No, of course I wasn't! But the bikini line could not win!

After getting hot wax on my belly, and nearly ripping a patch of skin off my thigh, I was ready to give up halfway through.

But I am a glutton for punishment and persevered. Again, I could not be beaten by the bikini line! I have so little dignity left! I cannot go to the pool with an untidy mess!

So I finished.

Never again.

That's it, I give up. My baby has won the turf war, my body is allllll his.

I say HIS like I know the baby's sex. And I haven't seen any genitalia on an ultrasound screen. But somehow I just KNOW it's a boy.


  1. Yay - I've found another pregnant blogger/athlete (thanks to Zeke)!

    I was convinced mine is a boy too at first, but now I'm sure it's a girl.

    How pregnant are you?

  2. 34 weeks.

    42 days left... not that I'm counting or anything!