Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Photo Op!

My favorite photographer Lisa gave me an offer I couldn't refuse - maternity shots! These are much much better than the pasty bikini shots that Jason and I have been taking! Many of my favourite shots are too risqué for the blog, "baby porn" as Jason and I have taken to calling the numerous boob and belly shots. But here are some of the non-nudie shots for your perusal... 27lbs and counting!

Big Belly Posted by Picasa

Belly Love Posted by Picasa

Yoga Belly Posted by Picasa


  1. Awww c'mon. Put up the "baby porn"!!!
    If your blog about waxing hasn't eliminated all of your male readers the "baby porn" will do the trick!
    Who cares - you look marvy!

  2. Callie & Lisa these pictures are beautiful!

    Lisa ~ I think that Callie's male readership may have secretly increased due to Callie's candid blogging (photos and talk)! Hmmm... it just may be a possibility.

    I can only imagine the "pregnancy porn" photos are divine. Way to go lil'momma!!


  3. I think you may be onto something, Jordan. I think the men pretend they are freaked out but they secretly love the insight into the intriguing and ultimately frustrating female mind and body.

  4. Ahhh….the phenomenal female body…men are born from them, nurtured by them, enamoured with them…..hmmm.....but why do only a few men seem to honour the female body with the dignity and respect it deserves for a lifetime?

    It may be a serious disfunction of the Y chromesome? ;o)