Monday, May 2, 2005

Toooo small sweater!

I'm so upset!!! I've been making this amazingly adorable little teeeeny sweater for my future neice/nephew to match the blanket and toque I made a while back. I didn't have the right needle/yarn combo for the pattern I found online, so I decided that I knew enough to fandangle something out of what I had at home. DUMB DUMB DUMB!!! I was so wrapped up in the cuteness of the sweater, that I didn't bother to measure the chest... it's supposed to be 19" and it's only 14. SOOO, I'm going to finish it and send it and hope that my sister doesn't have a 9lb baby!

This is what happens when you don't pay attention to the INSTRUCTIONS... Posted by Hello

Anyhow, my friend Jen is a professional baby hog (nurse) in the NICU at the Prince George hospital and has assured me that the sweater will fit a super-adorable and deserving preemie. So if my sister does in fact give birth to a baby watermelon, then hopefully she will agree to give the sweater to a wee littlun.


On the plus side, I completed my Yogafit Level II course and am now better versed in the chakras, breathing techniques, advanced poses and adjustments. I apprenticed my first class tonight at the YWCA and was walking all over the place adjusting people! So fun! Teaching group fitness, you rarely come in contact with your participants, nor do you get to walk around and see everyone in class. This is much more hands-on and personal, as well as gratifying. People came up to me afterwards, one woman said that my adjustment for her in child's pose felt like a mini-massage! So that was positive. Stringing advanced poses together to get them to flow is still quite a challenge for me, so that is my next big hurdle. Eventually it will all seem like second nature, I hope!

In other news, only 5 more days until Jason and I are off to Europe! Very hard to stay focussed at work right now, especially with all the last minute preparations. I'm so excited!

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  1. Good Luck with your Yoga teaching!! That's awesome My roommate is a Yoga instructor and gives the BEST Chakra meditations ever!!! Just thought I'd say hello. I found your Blog through your postings on Krisy's site which I found through Craigslist. You girls are hysterical!