Wednesday, May 4, 2005


So last night, instead of my normal swim workout, I decided to try benchmarking a bit to see where I might end up in the 1/2 Iron. So I swam laps (no flip turns) - 80 of them - for my 2000m. Here's what I ended up with...

first 750m: 14:06

second 750m: 16:00

last 500m: 9:11

grand total: 39:17

Not too bad! My pacing was good, although I was sorely tempted to sprint a bit to catch up with a dude in my lane that kept passing me. Then I kept getting stuck behind large-breaststroking-lady. Gr. I didn't do flipturns because I figured that was an advantage that I won't have in open water.

BTW, it's REALLY hard to count out 80 laps.

So I think I should be able to get the swim in the 35-38min range when I'm wearing a wetsuit and hopefully drafting off some poor schmuck! Hopefully the next three weeks in Europe won't throw that off too much!

I'm nervous, but at least I know I won't drown!


  1. Just make sure that you don't start drafting me when you catch up to me after the staggered start. I can't keep a straight line! That 2000m will be turning into 2300m by the time I am finished sewing up the swim course. Kind of like my golf game! Left... right... left... right...


  2. Great work on the swimming! Covering 80 lengths in a 25m pool is not just a test of physical endurance, but of mental stamina. I think I would lose count (can't say I've ever tried swimming 2000m uninterrupted).

  3. Great work on the 2000. I knew you weren't following my swim practice, but you never do anyways, and it took me a while to figure out what you were doing. I thought the boys were too slow for you so you jumped lanes. Don't know if you could catch that public swim guy because he is pretty fast.