Monday, May 23, 2005

Good luck ladies!

Just a quick entry to say GOOOOOOOOD LUCK to my little Persian kitten Maryam, Ina, Nicki, and all the others that are doing the North Shore sprint today! I look forward to hearing your stories when I get home! The weather was great last year, hopefully this year will be the same!

I just partook in a triathlon of my own... BEER, dinner and dessert. Three 500ml beer atually, which is making this entry quite difficult. Jason and I went for fancy dinner at 6, then decided after a few beer that we weren´t actually full enough. So we went to ANOTHER eatery for goulash and dumplings... I knew I was full (for sure) when I leaned across the table to talk to Jason and the velcro on my pants ripped open with a nice RRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP sound. Yeah, maybe more carb-loading than I needed between beer, potato pancakes and bread dumplings. I m starting to look like a bread dumpling....

Oh well, Iĺl fix that when I get home.

Love to all!

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