Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Daddy's Girl

Daddy's Girl Posted by Picasa

The first week of our new baby's life has passed by quickly and we have all made it! Even covered in pooh, we have found the love of our lives.

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We have been learning very quickly our daughter's personality and quirks. She loooooooves baths, but HATES to be exposed for dry-off time, diaper changes or any other time that she is the only naked one. This is interesting, coming from nudists like Jason and I!

She loves the sound of Daddy's voice singing to her, and Daddy has no shortage of songs that he has revamped for her - "Bobby McGee" has become "Carmen Baby". I like to think that she loves my singing voice as well, but I think that her smiles and cute facial expressions are really just gas.

She has finally figured out how to poop. Most newborns have no idea how to poop, so they contort their bodies and faces until something finally works (!) and then they are so surprised that they cry! Carmen's got a handle on it now, and I like to attribute this to her father's proficieny in the bathroom.

In just a week, she has went from 5lbs, 12 oz to 6lbs, 2 oz fueled by the milk that is spurting like crazy from my breasts. This girl can EAT! I think she gets it from me.

She sleeps most of the time in her crib, but once in a while I like to get some tummy time with her, and she'll sleep naked on my bare chest curled up like a little mouse. I can't get over how amazing this feels, or how easily I can sleep with her like that, where I know that she is breathing and her heart is beating.

My momma-bear side was quick to develop - I've never been so protective in my life! The other night we went for a quick visit to a party. Jason was proudly passing our daughter between our friends and family, recounting our birth experience and telling everyone about catching the baby, changing diapers and how he looks forward to having me sleep on my side while he puts Carmen to my breast to nurse! I, on the other hand, am staring wide-eyed at everyone holding our daughter, sweating a crazy adrenaline sweat, my inner-voice screaming "GIVE ME BACK MY BABY!!!!" This has calmed down somewhat in the last few days. But barely.

Right now she is curled up in a vibrating chair (hah, baby vibrator!) and is sound asleep beside me. I'm finding it challenging to fit in the tidbits of my old life that still need attention, but I know I am up for it.

For more pics, check out Daddy's blog... thanks Nunuboo!


  1. Hi Chica,

    I was impressed when one of the first things you said to me was, "Go ahead and pick her up." Carmen is so tiny and takes up only 1/12 of her crib right now.

    I believe your momma-bear side is a good thing. She's only a week old!


  2. Hey there - sorry I haven't been out yet. Just got back on mon night from Hawaii and had practise tue/thur - races this sat. Kylie and I were thinking of stopping by to meet carmen on sat evening -6ish if that works for you.

    glad to hear things are going well

  3. Saturday sounds good! I thought Kylie was coming last weekend and was wondering what happened...

    Jordan, I have no problem with people I know... it's when people I don't know are carrying her around - then my hackles go up.

  4. Adorable pictures. so adorable.

  5. Hey lovely mum!
    Love to read your blog, and see your pics. Busy with the last Mark, and his last week in Vancouver, until he goes to Tornoto on Sunday. (Sends his love and best wishes to you both)

    I will come and visit you and your lovely addition sometimes next week.

    And yes, he is daddy's girl! :)