Thursday, May 11, 2006

Diaper Champ

Wow, it really takes me a long time to get on the computer these days...

Carmen is growing up so quickly, it is hard to believe that she'll be a month old next week! She's grown out of a set of onesies now - she gained 2lbs 1oz in 3 weeks!!! She went for her first visit to the midwife yesterday and Leanne was shocked at how much our little girl had gained!

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Aside from a bit of perfume sensitivity, the little peanut is doing very well. She definitely keeps us on our toes, but at least we are no longer guessing what is wrong when she cries - for the most part anyways. The perfume thing took a few instances to sort out.

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Our lives are starting to shuffle into place too. I started teaching Mom & Baby Fitness this past Tuesday and felt very strong and full of energy. When Jason starts school in July, the woman across the street has agreed to take care of Carmen for an hour here and there when I go to teach my classes. Hopefully that will turn out well. She is quite excited to have a baby to look after! I've also got my first article ready for publication in fall for Urban Baby & Toddler magazine! So excited! My friend Casey copy-edited it for me, and the magazine editor thanked me for such a well-written and edited manuscript! I felt so official! I'm also getting ready to present a prenatal discussion at Pomegranate Community Midwives on May 28th, so that is pretty exciting as well!

Jason has been volunteering at Shaunessy, helping kids with special needs and teaching wee little Gr. 2's the shotput! He is really enjoying his time with Carmen and I. We go for walks almost everyday to the Endowment Lands, the Seawall, the Van Dusen Botanical Gardens... it feels so indulgent!

For my first Mother's Day, my sister's family and my Mom & Dad are coming into Vancouver to stay for the weekend. My niece Ashley will get to meet her new little cousin, and us moms will have a chance to celebrate a little. Should be fun!

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  1. Have a wonderful mother's day and the time you have to hang out as a family! Carmen is so cute.

  2. She's so beautiful!
    Happy Mother's Day!!