Friday, January 6, 2006


Every year I make a resolution that is attainable and realistic. This year I have resolved to attempt the Squamish Triathlon for my third year running.

Normally this would be a cake walk. But it's on July 9th, 2006. That's only 45 days after my expected due date on April 25th... I can't figure out if I'm crazy or not.

Squamish is a special race. It's because of the race that Jason and I met, because of the race that Jason and I trained together and got to know each other. He's been the biggest cheerleader I've ever had and as corny as it may sound, I feel like there's a bit of magic in this race.

Last year I ran both my half-Ironman and the Olympic-distance Squamish race with an injured knee. In Squamish, I managed to knock my swim and bike times down, but my run increased by almost as much. I barely beat my 2004 time, but I didn't care. I think that in 2006, I can match my swim and maybe even my bike. The run will suck royally - with the extra pregnancy weight I've sworn off running until after the baby is born. But even if I have to walk the entire thing, I still want to give it a shot.

I hopped on my indoor trainer yesterday after somehow wedging my ever-expanding belly into my bike shorts. Luckily my feet are not too swollen to fit into my tiny bike shoes! I can no longer get into my tri-bars, the belly gets in the way and my heart rate skyrockets. But I can still spin away when the music is pumping!

My swim workout has been whittled down to 1500m... that is when I get out for a swim workout. It's become obvious that my polyester suit was not made for stretching and I will have to invest in a bigger suit since my boobs keep trying to escape when I'm reaching overhead in a front crawl. I also have to scope out the community center pools since my membership status at the YWCA is suspended along with my volunteer yoga instruction (don't get me started on my feelings regarding that!). I've heard that Killarney is re-opening soon with massive renos and ozonated water, I can't wait.

Who knows what will happen? My wetsuit might not even fit after the baby is born, my milkbar boobs might hit my knees when I'm biking... I may not even be able to sit comfortably in the saddle if I sustain any injury during labour. What if I have a c-section?

None of those maybes will keep me from signing up.


  1. That sounds like a crazy idea. But then, crazy ideas are often the best ones! Just don't go through with it if it will be dangerous to your health.

    Good luck!

  2. Found your blog through Ramblin' Girl's blog, and just wanted to say I think that's a great resolution! Sounds like you know yuour limits and will do it safely - should be a great way to get back into shape post-pregnancy!

    I do tris too and hubby and I are thinking of having a baby in the next year or so - it's encouraging to see that you're able to stay active while pregnant =)

  3. Callster. The running after is definately the hard part on your body. Hemmoraging is what you have to be carefull of. I waited 3 weeks before I started jogging again.

  4. Callie-
    I think it's a great resolution, just listen to your doc. my sister-in-law's doc insisted no strenuous activity at all (training for a tri definitely included) for at least six weeks after she had my littlest niece.
    But as long as your doc thinks it's ok, take it from me, walking the run isn't so bad.
    Good Luck!