Sunday, January 22, 2006

Everyday is Beautiful

Jason's first wife, Angie, died of a brain tumour on January 24th, 2004. I never knew her, only through the man that I love and her friends that have become mine as well. Jason's nickname for her was Beautiful.

Ang used to work at Mountain Equipment Co-op alongside her friend Lynn. Last fall, without telling anyone, Lynn got together with one of the DeFeet salespeople, another friend and colleague of Angie's, to make some socks that would both pay tribute to Ang and also raise money for cancer research. MEC had offered to donate a portion of the sales towards the BC Cancer Agency.

Beautiful Socks Posted by Picasa

Recently in the mail, Jason received a letter from the BC Cancer Agency notifying him that a generous donation from MEC had been made in Angie's name. We were both a little puzzled...

Lynn finally told him that their "Beautiful Socks" have raised $4200 so far towards cancer research! There are three different types, Jason has some green ones and I have the pink ones. If you cycle, walk or run, or just like technical socks, these are great!

They say "Everyday is Beautiful" on the instep... Posted by Picasa

Need socks???


  1. That is a really nice tribute to Angie. Thanks for writing about her Callie.

  2. Callie-
    Do you have a link for where to get the socks, if you can buy 'em online? Thanks!

  3. Hmm, I think they might be in Vancouver only, as they are not on the online MEC page. :(

  4. that's really too bad, I could use some new socks...

  5. Those are really nice socks...I just might have to pop by MEC and get a pair.