Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Five Weird Things...

So I've been tagged by Rambling Girl to divulge five weird things about myself. Shouldn't be too hard, I can think of LOTS of weird things!!!

1. I can't mix foods. At Thanksgiving, while everyone else is slapping their corn and mashed potatoes together and slathering them in gravy, I am carefully creating invisible fences between my foods so they don't touch. Going to buffets with those evil small plates annoys the crap out of me. I will eat a stirfry by first eating all the carrots, then the broccoli, then the snow peas. But never the onions because...

2. I hate onions. I love to cook and will dice the onions up super small if a recipe calls for them so that I can't see them. If I order something in a restaurant, I will always specify "No onions" and if they forget, I will send it back. When cooking for guests, I will include onions, just pick them out and leave them in a corner on my plate.

3. I HATE doing the dishes. I will gladly scrub the toilets, do the laundry and mop the floors but please please please don't make me do the dishes. Unless of course I am at your house for dinner, in which case I will offer to do them gladly.

4. I don't like slow sports, I find them too boring. Walking, hiking, snowshoeing... too slow, Zzzzzzz. Oddly enough, I loved cycling through Europe with Jason, but then I also got to stare at his spandex-clad butt and shoulders the whole time. Much like a rabbit with a carrot dancing in front of it's nose.

5. I can't relax. Most of the time, my mind is chattering away like a monkey. I teach yoga and while instructing others to breathe and let go of their thoughts, my brain is spinning like a whirling dervish. I am always doing something, usually two things at a time. This pregnancy has addled me to an extent that I often forget the second thing, often leading to burnt cookies or a hungry dog.

Now who should I tag?