Monday, July 11, 2005

Yard Sale & Squamish Tri

This weekend was a bit of a blur...

Jason and I decided to have a yard sale on Saturday to get rid of all the "doubles", that's what happens when you combine two fully-stocked households! I ran the sale side of things, while Jason was my support staff - getting change, cinnamon buns and Jamaican patties, carting leftovers to the Sally Ann... The experience taught me that there are a TON of weird people in Vancouver that collect junk. And people are cheap. My dialogue with one guy was as follows:

Cheap Dude: How much for this?

He's pointing to a large pile, containing well over $10 worth of stuff.

Me: Since you're buying so much, how about $7?

Cheap Dude: How about $3?

Me: What?!! That's not even half! How about $5?

Cheap Dude: How about $3?

Me: Fine. $3.

GR! One woman told me I should give her a discount because she was sending all her stuff to Lithuania. Seriously? The postage would cost more that the goods... I call BULLSHIT! But then there were some really cute old grandmas that I gave really good deals to and one Vietnamese man whose family was trying to learn their English vocab - I gave him a Scrabble game.

All in all, we wound up with $300, which is enough to buy a bike trailer (two-seater) that we can remove the seats from and put Bella in. That way, we can take her along on our next cycle tour through the Gulf Islands, which we're doing for our honeymoon the week after the wedding! Hopefully she doesn't try to claw her way out!

Wetsuiterrific! Posted by Picasa

The Squamish tri was yesterday and again, my knee managed to perform! I managed to beat my last year's time by a minute! All the time I managed to knock off my swim and bike were regained on my run, gr! So next year my (easy) goal is to bring it down by 5 minutes. My sighting still sucked, but at least I didn't drown or veer toooo far off course. The bike was FUN, I was in aero position for the majority of the flat course. The run was awful - it's steep for the first 5k, then mostly downhill for the last half.

LAST YEAR: 33:13 swim, 1:24:12 bike (with trans), 51:44 run
THIS YEAR: 30:59 swim, 1:21:16 bike (with trans), 55:26 run
NEXT YEAR: 29:00 swim, 1:18:00 bike (with trans), 50:00 run (we'll see...)

My transitions were awful. There were two different transition areas, so I couldn't find my shoes in T2 and in T1 took about a million seconds to get my bike gloves on.

Andrea, my future sister-in-law, had her 5-year race-iversary and managed to get a personal best! Rachel, our friend who recently returned to tri after a few years break from competing for world-level type races came third in her age group! HI, welcome back, here's your medal!

Chicks of Tri! Jen, Rachel, Andrea & I (SHRIMP!) Posted by Picasa

Jason managed to cut his time from last year, but didn't enjoy his experience quite as much. He thinks he swam "like a donkey" but I think he did great! There are so many emotions tied up in this for him since he started doing this specific race in memory of Ang last year, so it isn't really surprising that he will probably always cry at the end. I think that is a good thing, and that we should do the race every year.

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  1. good job on the tri!
    worrying a little about my only race for the season which is this weekend. but I know I'll do my best and have fun, and that's all I can ask of my partially-still-damaged body.

  2. Great work on the race Callie! Thanks for supporting Jason it must be really difficult for him. You two are a great couple.

  3. RG, don't worry! Just have a blast, let the wind fly through your hair, try not to get any bugs in your mouth and make sure you eat & drink lots to keep those spirits up! You will have an amazing time! I look forward to the after-race post...

  4. I didn't know you were friends with Jennifer Rice. She was part of my T3 group at Watermania. Pretty fast swimmer, eh?
    2:23 overall too. She's doing Ironman this year.

  5. thanks! and thanks for your comment about my friend. meant alot!

  6. Great work on the yard sale and on the Squamish tri! I'll be sure to join you guys for the 2006 race (assuming I'm able to run by then).