Thursday, July 14, 2005

On hiatus...

Well, once and for all I'm going to practice what I preach. Every time I teach a class, I tell people to listen to and respect the limitations of their bodies.

But this whole season, I've been ignoring mine. I've done two major races without properly rehabbing my knee. I've been neglecting my yoga practice because of all the swimming, biking and running. I'm even eating meat with reckless abandon.

So it's time for me to say goodbye to tri for the rest of the season. To kick off my "non-training", I had a massage therapy appt yesterday and am visiting my physio today. I've gone to yoga TWICE this week. I might even go to one of Eion Finn's Showboat classes this weekend!

I'll probably go to Kits pool this weekend and fit a nice long ride in as well. But it will be for FUN, rather than for training. Maybe taking a break from running will allow my knee to mend a bit. Maybe the yoga will help balance out my glutes. Maybe the stretching will undo all the evil I've wrought on my body in the past year. Maybe a break from my carnivorous ways will keep me from getting that heavy-distended-stomach feeling that always follows a meaty meal.

Maybe I will finally get to put on a bikini and loll in the sun for a weekend instead of alternating between bike shorts, swim goggles, and running shoes. The tan lines don't lie.


  1. OK
    Yoga for me too!
    I didn't have any injuries training for Ironman last year and I attribute it to Eoin and James yoga classes.
    By the way, when did you stop being a vegetarian?

  2. In the beginning of the year, I decided I was allowed meat once a month. Then it was once in a while... then I went to Europe and it became once every few hours.

    The Czech Republic is not a veggie-friendly place. You would have to eat fried cheese the whole time to survive! Ick.

  3. looking forward to doing yoga again soon and not feeling guilty for not training or worried about falling over (my balance is some times WAY off) and hurting myself before the race.

    anyway, your interview questions are:

    1) what country have you always wanted to travel to and why?

    2) what is your absolute favorite outdoor activity?

    3) what words of wisdom will you impart on your little niece that you know your sister would never tell her?

    4) what do you like most and least about living in Vancouver?

    5) what song makes you laugh?