Saturday, July 2, 2005

Goodbye Devinci, hello Trek!

Va-va-voom! Posted by Picasa

Today I did something completely un-Callie-like! I bought a brand new bike! A 43cm 2004 Trek 2200 WSD (women specific design)... Ultegra and Bontrager Race components, it even has a carbon front and rear fork! Airstryke F-19 aero-bars!

Is it in my budget? No. But James made me a great deal, even ate the tax and threw in the aero-bars! Hard to say no, especially after I felt the wind rush past me zipping up and down the hills on my test ride through the Seymour Demonstration Forest. Jason rode alongside me and commented on how happy and comfortable I looked. Besides, what do those bike store guys want with a teeny tiny 43cm frame from last year? Seems like the perfect sale to me!

The last bike I bought when I was just starting out, after having done a few sprints with my mountain bike. The bike was a year-old XS Devinci Chicane that Bike Doctor was trying to get rid of. It didn't fit me very well, I was pretty stretched out, but didn't really know any better. It's gotten me through a bunch of races quite well! But after completing my 6th triathlon, and a half-Iron at that, I feel like I've finally earned my way to the next level!

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Now I have no more excuses, I told Jason that if I bought the bike that I would have to get more serious about my bike training. I've had no problem getting into Masters swimming, or half-marathon clinics, but I've never been part of any formal bike training. With my knee still recovering and my running at a minimum, I figure this is the year of the bike!


  1. Congratulations Chica!

  2. Callie,
    Yeah, talk about Un-Callie like! ha ha
    It is a beautiful bike, and it's actually one of my favourite bike colours. Unfair that they only put that colour on the WSD.
    Did you buy it at Dizzy? I'm probably quitting PSTC and Joe and I may start up T3 again and you and Jason can ride with us. It is the basically the same group of people you rode with to Horseshoe bay (remember when you fell over on Lions Gate Bridge) ha ha.

  3. How can I forget! I think my ego is still wounded. We went out to UBC this weekend after Jordan's tri and I got to use my aero-bars for the first time... FAST! Even in a nasty headwind, I felt like I was part of the bike! So much better.

    And yes, the color ROCKS!

    T3 sounds great, fun group! Jason needs to be ramping up more for his Ironman coming up in September, so he really needs to be getting some long bikes in too. Do you guys do longer distance rides as well?

    I did buy it at Dizzy, but James swore me to secrecy how much I paid...

  4. "Fast" no longer describes Callie. I think:
    "Rocketing-down-the-highway-like-a molten-lead-slug-fired-out-a-cannon,
    asphalt-behind-her" might be a little more appropriate...

    When Callie now passes me I can feel the heat on my face, legs and arms; I see the front of her bike glow white-hot like a spaceship on re-entry. I think I need to start wearing much darker sunglasses and heat resistant clothing to protect my eyes and body from shooting star that is Callie!


  5. Jason your description is priceless!!! I can see Callie riding at 40 km/hour with a blaze of flame on the asphalt behind her!!! Watch out!!


  6. yay! Congrats on the new bike. (I knew I was in trouble when i did my test ride, too.)