Monday, June 13, 2005

There is no OM in Spin

Today I am mokay... mostly okay. I still sniffle and cough, but I'm not taking any drugs and am able to think clearly and work productively. After all, I took THREE days off last week! I don't know if I've ever taken that many sick days in a row before! Over the weekend I taught a spin class and I taught my step class this morning. I have this problem with being sick... I don't know how to "shut down" physically. For some reason I think that working out will make me feel better, as it usually does when I'm well. Not so much when I'm sick! Adrenaline helps me power through the class - motivating my participants, challenging them, cheering them on - and then I come down from my "high" and realize that I overdid it. In my defense, I was subbing the spin class and it's hard to find a sub when you're already a sub! But I should have taught from the floor...

And just when you were ready to stop rolling your eyes at me, I went for a little burn around UBC with Jason and Neil, the next-door-neighbour, on our road bikes. I bought a new (not to mention, pricey!) Italia gel seat for my ride in prep for this weekend's 1/2 Iron. A little giftie for my tushie. It's so nice! I also added a double waterbottle holder off the back of my seat to hold Cytomax and water for the ride, as well as a smaller pump, which I hopefully will NOT need to use! Jason and Neil agreed to take it pretty easy on the ride, so I was feeling fine afterwards.

Regardless, I seem to be on the mend, and just in time to enjoy my taper a bit. Tonight I am teaching the first 15 minutes of my mentor's yoga class, my first EVER yoga teaching experience. I am so nervous! It's not the moves themselves, that I can do. And the adjustments? Well I've been apprenticing for a few weeks doing only adjustments, so I'm okay with that. It's the tutti-frutti, airy-fairy mumbo-jumbo that I'm nervous about pulling off.

Usually I get people sweating buckets to help take their mind off their out-of-control children, nagging bosses or Wednesday blahs. We don't talk about feelings, nor do I guide them through relaxation breathing or meditation... there is no OM in Spin!!!

So tonight I must connect with my spiritual side and broadcast it to the class.

Take a deeeeep breath in through the nose and exhale gently, letting a Haaaaaaaaaah sound escape from your mouth...


  1. Awww! You will be great! You are fit and you are bendy - two important qualities in a yoga instructor I would think. Besides, you are fun and I am sure that will be appreciated in your class. As far as the "OOOM" stuff - I must admit to being a little confused. I did one quick search and here is what I found:

    Yoga Sutras 1.5-1.11:
    Un-coloring your thoughts (Previous Next Main)

    Thinning the veil: The joy of deeper meditation comes through uncoloring the mental obstacles that veil the true Self. While Yoga was defined in sutras 1.1-1.4, the process of experiencing the goal of Yoga, Self-realization, begins in this section.

    Five kinds of interfering thoughts: There are five types of interfering mental impressions (1.4) that block the realization of the true Self (1.3): 1) knowing correctly, 2) incorrect knowing, 3) imagination, 4) deep sleep, and 5) memory (1.5, 1.6). The Yogi learns to witness these five kinds of thoughts with non-attachment (1.15-1.16), discriminate between these five, and to cultivate the first type of thought, which is knowing correctly (1.7).

    They are colored or not colored: These thought patterns may be colored (klishta) or not-colored (aklishta) (1.5). That coloring has to do with ignorance, I-ness, attachments, aversions, and fears (2.3). The simple observation of whether thought patterns are colored or not colored is an extremely useful part of the process of purifying, balancing, stabilizing, or calming the mind so that deeper meditation can come.

    Witnessing, exploring, and uncoloring: By learning to explore and become witness to these five types of thoughts, and by learning to allow the coloring to fade (1.16) through the various processes of Yoga meditation, the veil over Truth gradually thins (1.2), and we come to experience our true Self (1.3). This uncoloring process is an extremely important concept, and is further dealt with in the later chapters (2.1-2.9, 2.10-2.11).

    Most important concept: This process of witnessing and uncoloring these five kinds of thoughts is such an important concept that it is virtually impossible to practice Yoga without understanding it. (See also the articles on Uncoloring your Colored Thoughts and Witnessing Your Thoughts)


  2. I just got one of the double water bottle things, too.

    Oh, and you'll do fine with the yoga thing... I was deeply relaxed after that last bit in your post.


    Good luck on your race this weekend!

  3. Callie,
    Jordan tells me you are teaching Yoga at the Y. Is it Mondays and Wednesdays? May I come to your class? Last year I went to Ean Finn and James Nicholson for Yoga and I didn't get injured training for IM Canada. I think Yoga goes a long way to preventing injury. I just get injured in the weight room.