Thursday, June 2, 2005

The Soon-to-Be Mrs. Camp

Here's the pic of me with Jason, bawling after he proposed (with bling) 

So Jason and I have decided to get married this summer, possibly August 20th. Nothing crazy, just a JP ceremony at the house with 60 or so people, a giant BBQ and lots of fun. No harp player, no hoop-skirted dress, no giant wedding parties with matching dresses or anything of the sort.

Something we both agree on is that we want it to be FUN. So I don't have to wear awful nylons and heels, nor do we need to worry about who's sitting next to whom... we want pictures of everyone filling their faces and laughing more than we want pictures of us in the standard wedding poses with dorky grins plastered on our faces. Mostly we want the day to reflect the way that we are, and what we both enjoy doing - having people over to enjoy the sunset on the deck with good food and good wine, kids and dogs welcome.

Jason and I in front of Burghausen, the castle where he proposed  

BUT, a certain amount of planning still needs to take place... invitations, wedding clothes, wedding bands, Justice of the Peace, you can imagine! We only have a few months!

So yesterday I started to panic a bit.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have zero fashion sense, I live in jeans and t-shirts. Shopping for things like shoes and dresses, doing my hair (EGAD) and applying makeup artfully are not things I am very good at. I have NO IDEA where to go in Vancouver for a wedding dress - whether it makes sense to buy off-the-rack for my 5' frame, or get one made. And I don't think I can wear a frou-frou veil or anything, and my hair is in a permanent up-do since it's only a few inches long!

I think I can handle the wedding band part, I've always been attracted to shiny things. Much like a crow... CAW CAW!

Thankfully my friend Jen, shopper extraordinaire, is coming to town next week. If there are three things Jen likes, it's shopping, shiny things and weddings. Little does she know the arduous tasks she has assigned already...

Thanks in advance, SnowVixen!

If anyone knows of the "where-to-go's" in Vancouver, PLEASE COMMENT!!!!

The "best of" shots of our trip can be found here (14 shots) and the rest of them here (117 shots).

Cesky Krumlov, by night  


  1. Congratulations! I only know you through your blog and you know me through mine but I would give you a big hug regardless. Thank you for your comments today...

  2. Hi Callie,
    Jordan told me the news!
    Congratulations to you and Jason. You two are a great match.