Sunday, February 25, 2007

Month Ten - Big Bad Carmen

It's Carmen's tenth month and she is changing so quickly.

She got a tooth, which arrived with much fanfare the morning before her tenth monthiversary with us. And this tooth is not just any old tooth - this big pearly white shines like a beacon when she smiles and cuts like a saw when she eats! Every meal at the highchair is followed by a palate-clensing glass of water and playtime with the toothbrush. We have to watch her fairly carefully so that she doesn't gag herself, but she LOVES chewing on the soft bristles of the brush and waving the yellow plastic wand about her like she is casting spells! She also likes to brush OUR teeth with it, and when I brush my teeth with my electric brush, she insists that I come over to polish her new accessory as well, sans paste.

More and more often, when I turn my back while Carmen is sitting upright, I will turn back to find her still sitting but a foot or two from where she was before. She's getting around SOMEHOW, but I don't know how! Scooching on her heels and bum? Who knows? Eventually I will catch her in the act!

Carmen's interest in the world around her is growing - she is like a little sponge. She cheerfully chants "Duck Duck Duck" while attempting to gnaw a hole through her little rubber ducky's head. She constantly launches herself sideways in my arms or in the highchair so that she can see below whether or not Bella is around. She gets excited when she hears the telltale jingle-jangle of Bella's collar and the tick-tack of her claws on the hardwood each morning when Bella drags herself off the couch and into the bedroom to say hello. Carmen stares, transfixed by the wagging of her tail, and laughs if I get Bella to bark.

I've started a Friday knitting circle with many of the women from my different classes since we have babes of similar age. They play together (or konk each other on the head with toys) while we eat, knit and chat. It's amazing to see the way Carmen interacts with other kids! She loves being around other babies, and has started to get a bit aggressive in her toy-stealing! I guess being the non-mobile one for so long is making her compensate by being a bully? Not sure...

Before, I used to be able to vaccuum, use the electric mixer and the milk steamer on the coffee machine while Carmen was in the room. Not so much anymore! She freaks out at loud, unexpected noises and needs to be reassured that there isn't any danger. She is also developing quite the sense of humour. The other morning I was laying in bed beside her trying to fake sleep to get her to nap. She was doing everything in her power to make me laugh - sticking her fingers in my nose and mouth, plucking my bra strap, gurgling and cooing while conducting an imaginary orchestra with her arms! I was shaking, trying not to laugh, but I didn't fool her! Carmen 1, Mommy 0.

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