Monday, January 29, 2007

Month Nine - Doin' Just Fine

Ahhh, Nunuboo - what would we do without you?

To sum it up in one word, life has been busy. With Jason back at school and my classes back in session, our lives seem like a bit of a whirlwind and the month-long vacation feels like it was over months ago!

Carmen is still getting around the room backwards and has yet to make any forward progression... I would worry more, but I'm kind of enjoying this last bit of freedom before she becomes really mobile and tries to stick chopsticks into the electrical outlets that we have yet to childproof!

Besides, who needs to crawl when she gets the royal treatment while travelling? Carmen has gone cross-country skiing, enjoys regular jaunts with Bella and I in the stroller, and is quickly outgrowing her first carseat - she is 18lbs! Most of the babes in Carmen's playgroup are much larger, but I can still (barely) remember when she was under 6lbs!

Going to the grocery store is one of Carmen's favourite destinations. She finally fits in the grocery cart, sitting up all by herself and ready to pull anything off the shelf that her little paws can get hold of. I'm sure that one day I will find packages of teething biscuits inside her jacket, stolen from the Famous Foods when I wasn't looking!

Speaking of teething - it's all the rage again these days. Drooling, crying, refusing to eat... and yet, NO TEETH!!! Seriously. Many days, the only thing she will allow in her mouth is the nice cold yogurt I offer up when all other nutrient sources are refused. Carmen cops a bit of attitude in the high chair, banging her feet against the foot rest and her head against the back of the chair, holding her breath until her eyes bulge out and her face turns red. Clenching her gums together, if I manage to get any food in between her lips, she will forcefully spit it out in my face... THIS IS ORGANIC BUTTERNUT SQUASH, kiddo! Homemade with love and the sweat of my brow! THE NERVE!

But the sleeping - that's the payoff. Our kid can SLEEP, better than most I've heard of. I can always count on Carmen's punctuality with her morning and afternoon naps. And the nighttime! We sleep! Hours and hours! LOVE IT!

As a couple, Jason and I have become addicted to boardgames like Carcassone and Settlers of Catan or Texas Hold'em in order to preserve some semblance of a social life, since our little girl hits the hay at around 7:30pm! We've gone out for many dinners on our own, while our sleeping babe is looked after by family or friends. It's sad that I don't manage to connect with many of the people I used to see on a regular basis. Times change, I guess? It's not for lack of trying, but it's hard to do "nights" now, or pubs, or anything else that is not baby-friendly.

While I'm working, Carmen is now getting taken care of by another SAHM with a son the same age as Carmen - her Italian boyfriend Nico! Carmen loves to hang out with Daniela and Nico and it makes my teaching SO MUCH EASIER and less stressful! Now I don't need to worry about Carmen pulling the hair of 6-week-old babies in my class, and I know she's having fun with someone her own age, not to mention getting meals and naps on a proper schedule. Thankfully my classes are full, so I am making enough to make childcare feasible!

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