Monday, January 1, 2007

Month Eight - First Christmas!

Okay, so I'm a little late! What can I say? Carmen's first Christmas has been a busy one!

It's been a great month. With Jason and I both on break from school and work, we have lots of time to go for walks with Carmen and the dog, entertain at the house and enjoy each other's company. For Carmen's first Christmas, we decided to hit the Island before the big day to visit my parents, grandparents and brother & sis-in-law. Surprisingly I was able to take a break from my email for 5 days to relax and just hang out! I even went curling with my mom and managed to win a bottle of wine for being one of the best "seconds"... who knew?

On Christmas day, we opened gifts - mostly Carmen's - and then went on a walk through the Endowment Lands. I think this is something that will become a tradition for our little family! I cooked a turkey and we had a few people to the house to join in the feast - I served it on my late Grandma's china and it was great!

Since then, we've been having many visitors from out of town over to the house, as well as family. Carmen has gotten to know their kids a little bit, and has even learned to share her toys with them! However, for the first time ever, Carmen started to cry when I pried a little playmate's watch out of her mouth. She's also started to throw toys over the edge of her Exersaucer and then peer down below, silently willing them to come back into her grasp!

Carmen's fully standing in the Exersaucer and on our laps, but hasn't started pulling herself up yet. She gets around on her tummy quite well. Backwards, that is. She still hasn't got the forward movement thing going!

She is a happy happy girl, chuckling and giggling, chatting away in her own little language. She has said "Dada" to Jason, but is not doing it consistently. Right now her favourite word is "Diggy diggy diggy", but we can't figure out if she's trying to say "Doggy" or "Tickle"! Either way, it's pretty cute to listen to!

Lastly, I think all our signing to Carmen has paid off - I swear that she signed "Milk" to me today! I know she recognizes it when I do it, but I saw her little hand grasping at close to her chest and I asked her "MILK?!?" with the sign and she laughed and got really really excited! So cool!

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  1. Wow, she's growing up so fast! Your holiday pictures are SO cute. Happy New Year!