Thursday, September 14, 2006

Month Five - Month of Cute

People aren't kidding when they say that months 4-5 are the cutest months going! Carmen is the Cute-inator, cute cute and more cute, all cute all the time!

I can't get over the amazing belly laughs that come out of her mouth now when I pretend to eat her neck, or zerbert her belly! When I get Bella to bark while we're having our playtime on a blanket, she is in a fit of giggles! Even Bella grins from ear to ear as Carmen busts a gut, so cute!

And her fascination with sounds is hilarious. I love the way that she sets out to master a certain sound by repeating it for days on end... then she tires of it and moves on to something else. So far we've gone through the razzing and a funny fast sniffing in and out of her nose! For nearly a week it was constantly


from the carseat, from the crib and now, most recently, from underneath receiving blankets that she "hides" under to play Peek-A-Boo! I crack up everytime, she will sit there for ages with the blanket pulled over her eyes as I ask "Wheeeeeeeeeere's Carrrrrrrrrmen?" and then rip it back quickly... she squeals in delight that she has tricked me!

Now from the floor, I hear Pbthpt! Pbthpt! Pbthpt! as she spits all over everything around her (including my glasses if I'm too close). Crazy girl!

Carmen has also decided that the stroller is the only thing going... maybe that is because Mommy finally wised up and pimped up her ride? I stole the sheepskin from one of our chairs to give her Highness a nice plushy throne, propped the back up so she can sit up higher and faced her out so she can see Bella strolling along jauntily ahead of us! Now we get out on a daily basis and Stroller Fitness is so much easier!

In the last week or so, Carmen has taken to rolling over onto her front - even with the giant cloth Mother-ease diapers that used to keep her high-centered on the floor! So we have to be much more careful now with her laying on the dinner table when we eat (!) and leaving her on the diaper change table. I actually spent over 20 mins trying to get her to roll over on video and finally succeeded! The only problem is that once she's on her front, she can't roll back over. Instead she either poops, pees or spits up in frustration until we roll her back over!

The biggest gift Carmen has given us is a reliable bedtime and morning wakeup. For a while she was waking up quite early, chit chatting happily from the crib until Daddy went in to diaper change and bring her to me. One morning Jason and I just decided to leave her and see what would happen... she went back to sleep!!!! So now it's bathtime at 8:00pm, boob at 8:30pm and sleep shortly after - wake-up at 6:30am and everyone is happy!

Jason had 5 minutes to make a little book for school, enjoy!

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