Wednesday, September 6, 2006

First Year

Well, we did it! Jason and I celebrated our first year of marriage on Aug 20th, 2006!

And what a year it's been... we've weathered a few storms, had some sad times, a lot of laughter and love - we even survived the (still ongoing) renovations in the downstairs!

How did we celebrate? Yet another sojourn to the Island to visit my parents for a restful extended weekend at Macktush, their campsite. Between the built-in babysitting of Carmen's keen grandparents, and the endless squirrels for Bella to chase, Jason and I were able to take some time to relax together, go kayaking, drink wine and chat. He made me a rack of lamb with fresh rosemary, with some nice French wine that we had given to us at our wedding. All of this followed by the top of our wedding cake that we had kept in the freezer all year!

I think we looked prettier cutting this cake a year ago, but oh well!

1 comment:

  1. Happy Anniversary!!

    ...but you look more comfortable cutting into the top...