Saturday, February 9, 2008


Well, I finally splurged on some Paige designer maternity jeans... I did buy them on consignment, in my own defense! So instead of $285, I spent $100 - that means I will have to re-consign them after since I can't really justify the cost...

Well, other than the HOT BOOTY ACTION they provide!

These jeans make me feel like a million bucks! And I didn't have to hem them!


In other news, antibiotics have started to clear up my 2+ week battle with sinus infection... that and the NETI-pot, truly disgusting, but definitely effective. Life is almost normal!


  1. Hey, aren't you supposed to be hiding your obscene protruding belly under big floral smocks? How dare you flaunt your fecund state! Haha, lucky Callie got the Wolff genes!

  2. Sorry, I forgot I was on a general account, suppose I should sign that.
    Love Auntie Teresa

  3. I just found your blog and consider me your newest follower! I'm due any day now and know what you mean about those jeans. I spent far too much on a pair or mat jeans but they at least look like real jeans, not icky preggo jeans. I hope your cold clears up soon!