Friday, June 23, 2006

Month Two - Father's Day

Carmen turned 2 months old on Father's Day! Our little family had went over to Victoria to watch sis-in-law Andrea compete in the New Balance Half-Ironman, the race that Jason and I had run last year. What a great trip!

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Carmen is now smiling, cooing and gurgling, batting at toys hanging in front of her and sleeping in a regular pattern. She even sleeps peacefully through one of my morning Stroller Fitness classes, when before I would have to put her in the Snugli as I pushed the empty stroller! She's just over 10lbs, so by the end of class I'd be pretty wiped.

Most of Carmen's days are predictable:

05:00 - wake up in crib, nursing laying down in Mommy & Daddy's bed
08:00 - wake up with Mommy really really happy!
11:00 - nurse, then nod off during Snugli or stroller walk with Mommy and Bella
13:00 - Fit 4 Two class of some sort
14:00 - nurse
15:00 - visit with other babies over coffee time with other moms!
17:00 - nurse, watch Daddy make dinner (thanks Daddy!)
20:00 - start evening fussy period, including cluster feeding to get ready for my big sleep!
23:00 - tire myself out from extended fussy period, go to sleep in crib!

Ah yes, the joys of the evening fussy period! During Carmen's nights, she alternates between burping, cooing, screaming and nursing. There are a few sure-fire things that we've figured out:

1. carry her over the shoulder like a sack of flour and pat her bum while walking around
2. put her in the sling and insert pinkie into her mouth
3. put her in carseat and swing it back and forth
4. bathe her, followed by blowdrying and massaging with shea butter

At least we aren't going crazy anymore, and her fussy period is way more bearable!

I decided to join a special mom's group called "Mothers Unfolding" with a Dancing Star Births - it is amazing! I still go to the parent-infant dropins at my health unit, but I find them so clinical and boring compared to my MU group! There are nine of us with babies born within days of each other and we dish about feelings, relationships, sex, you name it. I feel very priviledged to be part of something so great!

Carmen's Father's Day gift to Jason was a BIG SMILE! I guess I take her smiles for granted because I get to be around her all day to see them, but Jason was waiting and waiting for her to smile in response to him. I think she was just holding out for the big day!

Sacked out on Daddy's lap after a loooooooong day! Posted by Picasa


  1. Each moment is so wonderful. My little boy is 9 months old.

  2. Hey there Callie,

    Hope all is well with Carmen and fam. We're busy painting and doing yardwork...and swimming at the lake on weekends.


  3. Hi Chica,

    It would be nice to see more pictures of beautiful Carmen now that she is three months old. Maybe on in the 'football hold' too?